Lynn Felder is an award-winning journalist, a yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance and the author of the DVD “Gentle Yoga for Cancer Patients,” available at Felder


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Yoga for Everybody, Art of Wellbeing Holistic Journal and Website

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Big Girls Don't Cry - Christmas 2012 — Do cry!

Pockets of Peace — Find quiet moments to alleviate stress.

Choose Joy! — Make conscious decisions about your feelings and your right-now well-being.

We Are One — We are part of everything - not just the Earth, not just each other - more than anything we can imagine.

Be Still and Live — When we’re not aligned, we’re easily thrown off balance. When we run out of steam — out of inspiration — we get tired.

Judge Not — There's a Buddhist saying that goes something like this: If you want a little peace, let go a little. If you want more peace, let go some more. If you want complete peace, let go completely.

Life Is Sweet — One of the best ways to manage our legitimate desire for what is sweet is to look for sweetness with all of our senses — not just our taste buds.

Spiritual Practice in Everyday Life — 10 ways to bring spiritual practice into daily life

Home Practice — Want to practice yoga at home, but don’t know where to start? All it takes is a little preparation and commitment.

An Attitude of Gratitude — In the season of Thanksgiving, we have much to be grateful for, and, when you think about it, it's not really the "things" we're grateful for that make us happy, it's the feeling itself.

La Vie Dansant — Training for a benefit ballroom dance competition is a joyful way to give back and support Relay for Life.

Practice Contentment — Contentment, like most things, is already part of who we are; it is in us. Our job is just to realize it, to bring it from deep within us into consciousness.

Summer Practice — Play, rejoice and celebrate. That's what summer is all about.

Harvest & Simplify — Ground yourself with your yoga practice. Be sure that time on the mat includes time to go inward and come down to Earth before you leap like Hanuman and dance like Siva.

Winter Practice — Our yoga teaches us, daily, how to deal with loss. As we practice asanas over decades, we watch our physical powers increase, blossom, and then, alas, begin to wane. With the waning of physical power, however, come other powers.

Solstice Wish — In the Ayurvedic calendar, Nov. 15-Jan. 15 is Early Winter, the time to gather and contain: your energy, your comforts, your abundance, your sweetness.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga — There’s a lot more to yoga than asanas/postures. There’s more to yoga than Tadasana and sun salutations. There’s even more to yoga than savasana (final relaxation). In fact, there are eight aspects — or limbs — of yoga

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Restorative Yoga for Women with Ovarian or Breast Cancer: Findings from a Pilot Study

Restorative Yoga for Women with Breast Cancer: Findings from a Randomized Pilot Study